The 12 best Slack Apps

Slack is incredibly popular. The chat service takes in the workplace an increasing role in and also frequently used by us will Slack. Hipchat grow and Skype for business use much less quickly. One danger is that chat apps reduce productivity, but there are also many productivity-enhancing applications for slack that you can link. Continue reading “The 12 best Slack Apps”

What is a persona and how to create one

It is very important to know who you are doing business with. In order to create your marketing strategy,¬† you have to know who you’re targeting and to know who wants to buy your product, you have to segment customers. The most important thing here is: Does the potential customer have money to buy your product? It seems like a stupid question, but many companies focus on too small markets so they can not be successful. Continue reading “What is a persona and how to create one”

AdWords replaces yellow labels with green labels

Google is in the market to make money. In addition to organic search results to provide users with the best experience and answers to give the question to see there are many years advertising. With each click on an ad, the advertiser pays an amount from a few cents to a few tens of euros to Google. The more people click on ads, the more money Google earns. Continue reading “AdWords replaces yellow labels with green labels”