Google announced as Diisney’s Ad partner

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Disney will relocate its entire global video and display business to Google Ad Manager. Google will in future be delivering all advertising on all Disney platforms.

Disney does not just want to shake up the streaming market with Disney Plus in 2019, but the world's largest and most valuable media company has now also left its former advertising partner Freewheel. In the future, Disney will rely on Google's ad manager to play digital advertising campaigns on its platforms, including Disney, ABC, ESPN and ESPN Plus streaming services. This deal includes advertising on the Web, in mobile apps, connected TVs and live events, according to the Google announcement.

Google signs profitable advertising contract with Disney
The deal is a win-win situation for both partners. Google is gaining a major advertiser that makes it even more attractive for marketers to deliver ads through the search engine giant. Disney, on the other hand, gets a high-reach partner for the further monetization of its contents on board.

With its digital offerings, Disney reaches about 230 million monthly users, who spend more than 14 billion minutes on the various platforms. With the acquisition of, inter alia, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm and 21st Century Fox, Disney has a content catalog that gives the company enormous market power.