Google launches Store Visits in Google Analytics as beta

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Most of the marketers already know the Store Visits tool from Google AdWords. With Store Visits you can see how many people visited one of your stores after clicking on an ad. Based on the offline conversion rate and offline AOV you can calculate how much additional revenue AdWords has delivered.

Recently, a more advanced version, Store Sales Direct, was launched. Using this tool you can upload (encrypted) email addresses, purchase date and order value to Google. As a result you will get an analysis that shows how much actual revenue was delivered by Google AdWords.

The last few weeks, Google has launched a new beta. The Store Visits and Store Sales Directs beta’s are only or Google AdWords. Customers don’t only use AdWords to get informed about your company or products. To give better insights in the ROPO effect or omnichannel customer journey, Google has launched a new beta.

Under the conversion tab, when you’re whitelisted for the beta, you can see how many website visitors went to visit your offline stores,  broken down by marketing channel. You can also see the conversion rate of website visits to store visits. In other words: you can better see what the effect of channels like SEO, email or affiliate marketing has on your footfall.
ga store visits - Google launches Store Visits in Google Analytics as beta

Based on this data you can estimate what the additional revenue of every marketing channel is. Currently the beta is closed and the test-phase will be closed soon. After that it will be rolled out slowly to other users.

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