Google notifies website owners with “annoying” ads

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Google starts making notifications with website providers when users indicate that they are “annoying” ads. The search giant asks visitors of sites or those who feel unwanted to make their online experience more positive.

Google acts in response to research by the Coalition for Better Ads for types of ads that encourage consumers to install adblockers. From its own experience, Google concludes that about 69 percent of adblocker installations occur after encountering a disturbing ad. This puts the publisher’s earnings model at risk, warns the search engine.

Scratch effect

For the next few weeks, Google therefore points web site administrators on negative ad experiences from their visitors. According to the company, half of them do not even return to a website in case of annoying popups, and they would also advise another site to visit the site. ‘Bad for business’, Google noticed.

Small sites

The problem of screaming ads would most likely appear on smaller websites. They would have less qualitative control methods at their disposal. Google offers them help in the form of an Ad Experience Report when deviation from Better Ads Standards is detected.

Desktop versus mobile

When visiting websites via desktop, the search engine claims that the lion’s share of the annoyances is due to pop-ups: 97 percent. On mobile websites, “only” is 54 percent and a delayed loading time due to excessive advertising is a factor in prematurely leaving sites.

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