Store Sales Direct further rolled out in beta

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Store Sales Direct is a not very well known beta from Google. Store Sales Direct has been developed to give retailers more insight into the impact of online on offline sales.

Omnichannel measuring is very difficult. Everyone knows about the ROPO effect, but no one knows what is exactly is or how much value to attribute to this phenomenon.

For Google AdWords Store Sales Direct, you must collect your customers email addresses when they pay in the store. The email addresses with order numbers and order value must then be encrypted and sent to Google. Google then makes a study linking email addresses to clicks on your ads.

After that, Google tells you how much offline revenue you’ve generated AdWords campaigns. Of course,
you can not attribute 100% of this value to AdWords, as other channels might have influenced the buyer as well to come to the store or make them click on your AdWords ads. It will take some time before Google is able to attribute the right value, but this is a great step in helping you to develop an omnichannel strategy.

In addition to the US and UK, beta is now available in France, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, India and Australia.

Update: Store Sales Direct is now also available in Austria. Contact your Google account manager to see if it’s also available in the Netherlands and Germany. Soon, Google will launch a self-service platform so you can upload email addresses and order data yourself.

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