The 12 best Slack Apps

Slack is incredibly popular. The chat service takes in the workplace an increasing role in and also frequently used by us will Slack. Hipchat grow and Skype for business use much less quickly. One danger is that chat apps reduce productivity, but there are also many productivity-enhancing applications for slack that you can link.

1. Trello
Trello is a fantastic free collaboration tool. You can create different scrum-like signs with tasks. The Slack integration ensures that you keep abreast of changes / progress and you can create new tasks via Slack.
Install Trello for Slack

IFTTT or If This Then That is a useful tool for automation. By linking with IFTTT Slack you get when you want information on Slack.
Install IFTTT for Slack

3. Statsbot
Salesforce and Google Analytics to get you every morning with this Slack integration. You do not have to download your reports, but you can just look at Slack.
Install Statsbot for Slack

4. Growthbot
To learn more about marketing and sales? Growthbot gives you information if you want.
Install Growthbot for Slack

5. Mailchimp
New subscriber to your newsletter? MailChimp tells you in Slack!
Install Mailchimp for Slack

6. New Relic
New Relic is a server application that monitors and records error messages. The Slack integration you get instant errors as push message.
Install New Relic for Slack

7. Trusted Shops Reviews
Use your Trusted Shops to collect reviews? With this integration Slack you get a message when a new review is posted.
Install Trusted Shops reviews for Slack

8. Brand24
The Brand24 integration into Slack you get to see what is written on websites and social media about your brand.
Install Brand24 for Slack

9. RSS
Following a number of interesting blog as Then you continue with this RSS integration up to date with all the news.
Install RSS for Slack

10. Breezy HR
Breezy is a useful HR tool. The Slack integration sends you a push message as a new candidate has applied for a job at your company.
Install Breezy HR for Slack

11. Coffee runner
Organise a coffee round Slack channels. If you go get coffee, send a message and the coffee runner collects orders. If you’re in a coffee shop or Starbucks, check your Slack and you know what everyone wants.
Install Coffee runner for Slack

12. Tomato bot: pomodoro time
Pomodoro is a popular productivity tool which you 25 minutes working a job and pauses than 5 minutes. The tomato bot helps you with this.
Install Tomato bot for Slack

Bonus tip

Birthday boy:
Never forget a birthday you collega’s.
Install Birthday Boy for Slack

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